Our Green Policy

At the Forster Court Hotel & HYDE Bar, we are passionate about sustainability. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by implementing effective green practices and procedures throughout our hotel. Although we are at the start of our ‘Green’ journey, we are excited for the road ahead.

Our fantastic staff are key to our success in delivering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly service. Their invaluable input, insight and engagement is at the core of our achievements to date. We have already introduced many initiatives and new ideas are emerging and evolving daily.

The 5 C’s of the Forster Court Hotel Green Policy

Carbon Footprint – monitoring to reduce our carbon emissions through waste reduction & the use of green energy
Conservation – to save for later use & to protect the environment
Co-operation – adopting the policies & embracing change
Commitment – to manage and reduce the consumption of goods, energy & unsustainable products
Community – to work together sharing a common understanding

Carbon footprint

We follow the process of metering, measuring, monitoring, evaluating and managing our waste, water, energy & carbon in order to reduce.
- Showers are fitted with water reduction heads
- Key card activated power in all guest rooms
- Light bulbs changed to LED lighting
- Food waste monitored on a continual basis in order to reduce
- Use green energy where possible - Green purchasing policy in place
- Most of our food products are produced in Galway and the surrounding area
- Encourage guests to walk or use public transport


- All takeaway cups and their lids are 100% compostable and compost bins are accessible
- Biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning products used
- We no longer provide single use toiletries in our guest bedrooms


Adopting new ideas / adapting practices / embracing change
- Waste management programme in place with waste separation facilities available for both staff and guests
- All our employees follow our ‘Think Before You Print’ policy
- We encourage guests to follow our 7 steps to a greener stay:

     1. Please turn off lights and TV when they are not in use
     2. Why not walk or use public transport?
     3. Use the recycling bin provided in your bedroom
     4. All guest information is on your TV screen to reduce printing
     5. Choose not to have a straw with your drink
     6. Try order only what you think you will eat at breakfast
     7. Why not have your receipt for your stay emailed to you?


To be fully engaged in the reduction of our energy consumption and waste production through dedication, education, reducing & reusing. We aim to continue to reduce our landfill waste.
- We follow a strict waste separation policy with all waste segregated into general, recycling and compost
- Our cooking oil is returned to our supplier after use in order for it to be recycled and reused
- Electronic messaging in guest rooms reducing paper usage
- We do not use single use plastics where at all possible, including single use toiletries in our bathrooms


Working together with a common understanding
- Active involvement with local charities and sponsorships

- This year we will be gifting our employees with a tree planted on their behalf for their birthday
- Promotion of our ‘green’ messaging through our social media channels
- Regular beach clean ups of our local shores & coastline
- Donating old/unwanted goods to charity

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Guest Safety Information

At The Forster Court Hotel the safety and well-being of our guests and teams are of paramount importance to us.
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City Centre Location

Situated on Forster St. off Eyre Square in Galway City Centre. Just 2 minutes walk from Train and Bus Stations.

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